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Vitamin PP: Discover this do-it-all ingredient

Posted By Mariana

This do-it-all ingredient can keep oil in check, reduce redness, and give you a serious glow.

Niacinamide is uniquely compatible with any of the products in your skin care routine, including those that contain retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, AHAs, BHA, vitamin C, and all types of antioxidants. Its even suitable for use by those with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin.

Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, can stand on its own in your serums and creams, but its even better when combined with other skin-boosting ingredients. B3 is an essential nutrient the body needs. It helps balance oil production, reduces water loss in the skin, and lessens inflammation. Niacinamide also has a big brightening benefit, as it affects melanocytes, cells that play a role in pigment formation in the skin.

Niacinamide reduces irritation, it can temper the effects of other anti-ageing ingredients that can cause the skin to act up, like wrinkle-smoothing retinol or exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids.

If you struggle with dry skin, topical application of niacinamide has been shown to boost the hydrating ability of moisturizers so the skins surface can better resist the moisture loss that leads to recurrent dry, tight, flaky skin. Niacinamide works brilliantly with common moisturizer ingredients like glycerin, non-fragrant plant oils, cholesterol, sodium PCA, and sodium hyaluronate.

It seems that niacinamide has a normalizing ability on the pore lining and that this influence plays a role in keeping debris from getting back up, which leads to clogs and rough, bumpy skin. As the clog forms and worsens, the pores stretch to compensate, and what youll see are enlarged pores. By helping things get back to normal, niacinamide use helps pores return to their normal size. Sun damage can cause pores to become stretched, too, leading to what some describe as "orange peel skin". Higher concentrations of niacinamide can help visibly tighten pores by shoring up skins supportive elements.

Now that you have the basics down, you can give your skin the glow it deserves. Here are the best niacinamide serums you can try:

1. PCA Skin Vitamin B3 Serum
    Key Benefits:
     1. Reduces the appearance of dark spots and discoloration;
     2. Leaves the complexion even and bright;
     3. Increases skin moisture and hydration.

2. Shunly B3, B5 +Peptides Hydra Gel
    Key Benefits:
     1. 6 peptides clinically proven to provide powerful anti-aging properties;
     2. Helps repair and regenerate skin cells;
Helps promote a stronger cellular matrix;

     4. Boosts performance of antioxidants;
     5. Promotes wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Dermaquest Niacinamide B3 Youth Serum
    Key Benefits:
     1. B3 serum dissipates into the skin to firm, hydrate and support barrier repair;
     2. Helps repair unwanted discoloration and environmental damage;
     3. perfect for anti-aging and prevention.

Dr Dennis Gross B3 Adaptative Superfoods Stress Rescue Super Serum
    Key Benefits:
     1. Combat the 5 signs of stress-induced aging;
     2. Boost absorption of vital nutrients.

4. O Cosmedics B3 Plus
    Key Benefits:
     1. Combat the 5 signs of stress-induced aging;
     2. Boost absorption of vital nutrients.

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