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The Best Lipstick Shades for Your Skin Tone

Posted By Diane
When it comes to lipsticks, do you often feel overwhelmed by different colors and confused which brand to choose? If you find yourself lost in a sea of lipstick options and not sure what color to pick, let us help you know the right lipstick shade that will match not only your mood but also your undertone. But before that, it is best for you to determine your undertone first.

For Cool Undertones (Pink, Red or Bluish Hue)
- Purple Shades -

Check your wrist and if the veins appear bluish you likely have a cool undertone. Make your skin tone come alive in a blue or purple lipstick shade. These flattering hues can give you a cooler appearance while enhancing your skin tone.

Shop shades here:

For Warm Undertones (Yellow, Golden or Olive Hue)
- Red or Orange Shades -

Take a good look at the veins on your forearms. If they appear greener than blue, this means that your undertone is warm. The warm shades of red or orange will look best on it. So, the next time you buy a new lipstick, go for some fiery shades that flatter your skin the most.

Shop shades here:

For Neutral Undertones
Any Shades -

If you have both blue and green veins, then you have an olive skin with neutral undertones. Consider yourself lucky for your lips can never go wrong with any shades which means you can wear pretty much any color and still look good on it. However, try not to wear unflattering grayish or ashy shades for they can make you look pale or sick.
  • T LeClerc
    Satin Lipstick

    C$ 29.00

  • Pupa
    Volume Lipstick

    C$ 26.00

  • Pupa
    I'M Lipstick

    C$ 12.50

  • Glo Skin Beauty

    C$ 40.00

  • Antipodes
    Moisture Boost Natural Lipstick

    C$ 34.30

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