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Summer Hair Care: Prevent Heat Damage

Posted By Diane
There is much talk about the damage that sun can do to your skin. But are you aware of the damage it can cause to your hair too?
We've rounded up some hair-raising tips to protect your locks against heat damage from roots all the way to the scalp.

Put An End To Split Ends

Too much exposure from the sun can cause dry, weak and brittle hair leading to having split ends. There are a lot of ways to prevent the ends of your hair from experiencing splits or breakage. But the simplest yet effective way is by applying a leave-in conditioner in order to retain moisture for the hair strands to absorb. For best results, apply a deep conditioning treatment then wrap your hair with a hot towel for 20 minutes on a weekly basis.

Keep Your Hair Color
If you had your hair color-treated before with chemical or bleaching products, your locks are more vulnerable to damaging effects of the sun. Compared with natural hair color, yours might turn into yellow then fade away if not protected. To defend your colored hair against discoloration, make sure to spritz a mist with thermal protection from time to time when outdoors. You may also use a leave-in conditioner that contains essential oils.

Save Your Scalp
Just as the sun damages your hair strands, it can damage your scalp as well. Remember to apply a hair care product like a scalp serum with UV filters and wear a hat before going outside to save your scalp from skin cancer. Keep a clean slate for your scalp with a gentle hair exfoliator that washes away dirt and residue to help you maintain a healthy scalp.

Diss Frizz
Maintaining a healthy-looking hair is the best way to prevent frizz. Instead of applying creams, opt for a weightless solution with humidity shield which protects your hair against damage and won't deflate your hairstyle at the same time. The use of blow dryer can also tame frizz by compressing the hair cuticle to lock out puff-inducing moisture. It is also recommended to dry your locks with a gentle hair turban made from ultra-fine fabrics to minimize frizz and damage.

Add More Volume
Summers best hair should look effortlessly voluminous and bouncy, with tons of movement.
Heres how you can channel your inner bombshells, even on the hottest days with three easy steps.

Give your locks a quick boost with an intense volume spray or a hair spray mousse.
Start by applying a palmful, then comb evenly through damp hair. 

Using a blow-dryer or a thermal styling brush, start drying your hair in sections.
To create more volume, move in an upward motion. 

Finish your hairdo by spritzing on a volumizing conditioning spray
while styling your hair to lock in volume. 


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