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Love The Skin You're In!

Posted By Kate

How many of you have stuck to your New Years resolutions? You know: the same ones millions of people make almost every year on January 1st, going full-throttle for the first two or three weeks, and then beat the you-know-what out of themselves when they fall off the wagon?


Cliché, albeit commendable and well-intended, resolutions such as

  • lose 20-50 lbs;

  • go to the gym 5-7 times every week;

  • no longer drinking alcohol.

Trending for 2014

  • cutting-out gluten, wheat, and/or dairy;

  • eating clean;

  • doing juice cleanses.

Stating the obvious: gyms, fitness facilities, weight loss organizations, retailers, and manufacturers count on billions of dollars generated by consumers good intentions. The influx of people buying gym memberships (and annoyance of gyms being over-crowded!), joining weight loss groups, buying new workout gear, and in the day and age of social networking sites, an abundance of updates posted to Facebook and Twitter, with daily commentary or posts about working-out, feeling great, and recipes for healthy meals. (Psst! Recipes have a place: Pinterest!)

Four weeks into 2014, and have you noticed that the herds are thinning at gyms during peak hours? Facebook and Twitter updates about lifestyle resolutions have dwindled? Your wheat/dairy/sugar/alcohol-free friends are eating fast food, indulging in cookies, and connecting after work for a few pints of wobbly-pops (instead of going to the gym)?

Many of us have been there, obviously, and youre not alone if youve strayed from your resolution.

Do NOT feel ashamed, foolish, or as a failure!

Its called life, and as we tend to learn from our mistakes in life, implementing dramatic changes can lead to disappointment. In the instance of body image (particularly for women), we then feel ashamed, embarrassed, weak, or lesser-than for not adhering to rigid lifestyle changes.

Its a vicious cycle for many, and unfortunately, the media contributes to esteem issues that far too many struggle with.

Now, in the first week of February, we hope that wagon fallers hitch their wagons to gradual, sustainable changes, so that they may feel good physically, emotionally, and integrally. Little changes can lead to BIG results as they accumulate, after-all, and are much less stressful (or expensive!) to implement than those of a drastic or dramatic nature.

Great resolutions or choices to make DAILY

  • surrounding yourself with people who contribute positive things to your life;

  • moderation is key;

  • be accountable to and forgiving of yourself;

  • ensure that you ingest adequate amounts of water (hydration effects SO much, physically!);

  • take care of your health with supplements like VitaMedica or IMEDEEN;

  • remember that you deserve to love YOURSELF, and that you are WORTHY of love from others (respect is a two-way street!)!

Consider February as the month to stop subscribing to trends (which come and go!), and do whats right for YOU: being good to YOURSELF!

Youll be certain to hold your head high, pat yourself on the back for doing so, and will set a positive example for others.


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