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Loco over coconut!

Posted By May

Coconut is not just good to eat, but it also has great benefits for your skin and hair too! We've got the lowdown right here on why we're loco for coco.

Your hair is going to love coconut! 

Science has it that coconut:

  • Reduces hair protein loss;
  • Penetrates the hair shaft to better nourish it from within;
  • Prevents split ends; and
  • Increases the good bacteria in the scalp that fights off dandruff.

A study by Rehe and Mohile in 2003 (in Gavazzoni Dias, 2015) found that coconut oil reduces hair protein loss, while mineral and sunflower oil did not. Coconut oil has an affinity for proteins and can penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing the strands from within.

"treatments using oils (including coconut oil) reduced the formation of split ends in the hair (Gavazzoni Dias, 2015)."

It doesn't just care for the strands. Coconut also addresses scalp and dandruff issues. Scientific research shows that coconut oil enriches scalp health by increasing the scalp's microbiome or healthy bacteria. Cutibacterium acnes and Malassezia globosa increased significantly with coconut oil use, which then helps to counter dandruff (Saxena, et. al., 2021).


Coconut is ideal for dry skin

Coconut is great on hair, but for skin care, it's a different ball game and a little trickier to master. Know the science behind coconut in skin care and be aware of your own skin type before using any kind of ingredients, including the luscious coconut. Let our beauty advisors help you figure out your skin profile to best match the products and ingredients with your concerns.

When it comes to coconut for the skin, it works wonders for dry skin. For others, i
t is not advisable for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin because coconut is a highly comedogenic ingredient.

In a comedogenic rating of 0-5, with five (5) being the highest level indicating that it will clog the pores the most --  and UK's SkinLibrary lists coconut oil with a high comedogenic level of 4, while lists these more specific comedogenic coconut ingredients: coconut alkanes (coconut oil), coconut butter and cocos nucifera (coconut oil).

So if you have sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin, you might want to explore other ingredients that will not clog up your pores as much. Look into Rose Water perhaps as a refreshing and age-defying solution. Also check out our coconut shopping guide for more products!

In general, experts advise to use coconut oil in skin care from the neck down, and avoid the face to prevent acne breakouts, especially if your skin is not dry to begin with.  On the other hand, not much to worry about when using it for hair and scalp -- coconut is great for pretty much all hair types.

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