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Grooming essentials: hair removal tips & tricks

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Cut, wax, shave, thread, pluck, laser... with so many ways to remove unwanted hair, which one do you use? Do you have a before and after care routine? Let's explore the ways. 

Hair can appear all over our skin and is vital in health, beauty and hygiene. Sometimes we want to grow it long and lustrous as our head's crowning glory. But there are also plenty of times when we want to remove or reduce hair from other parts of the body, such as on our underarms, eyebrows and leg hair. 

Hair Removal Basics
Let's first start with the basic ways and tools to remove unwanted hair.

Cutting/trimming with scissors is the most straightforward way of removing hair. We commonly use hair cutting shears at the salon to shorten our head hair. Although we can't use the same tool for our facial hair. 

For our eyebrows, we use smaller eyebrow scissors with the sharp, pointy end curved away from the skin. Those tiny scissors are specifically designed to safely trim our bushy brows without accidentally cutting the skin.

Another kind of beauty scissors is the nose hair trimmer. This small scissor is also designed for safety. It has blunt, round ends to prevent puncturing your nose skin as you trim away.

Threading is another technique used to remove/shape facial hair. This uses a thin line of cotton thread to strategically remove/epilate hair. Word of advice, this is not something you want to DIY without carefully researching/practicing/training first. Before threading your brows, perhaps test it out on your legs or do a risk-free practice round. Better yet, get a salon expert to do it for you. 

Shaving is one of the easiest ways to rid our bodies of unwanted hair. Simply swipe the shaving tool across, and voila, hair is gone. There are pros and cons to shaving though. It is very easy and straightforward to do compared to the rest of the methods, but hair can still grow back fairly easily and possibly even thicker than before. So do consider the alternative ways, although less convenient, for more permanent removal and less frequent routine.

Waxing can sometimes be a bit more painful but has more long-term hair removal effects compared to the previous methods. There are plenty of ways, often requiring wax and removal strips. Wakse is a beauty brand that you might want to look into. They produce quality and convenient waxes and tools to remove unwanted hair.

Cream hair removal is another similar tool. Like waxing, hair removal creams just need to be applied/smeared carefully and removed according to the product instructions, and the hair should fall right off. Don't leave it on for more than the prescribed time period, or else your skin could burn or experience other adverse effects. Just be sure to follow instructions well, and do patch testing for sensitive skin, and you should be fine.

Plucking is another hair removal method that also boasts of longer-term effects. Tools such as tweezers and mechanical epilators are fantastic to use for manual or electronic hair plucking. It can also be a wee bit painful, so brace yourself if you're new to this hair removal method. Over time, you'll get used to it. Here's a brand you'll want to check:
La-tweez, creators of the world-renowned Illuminating Tweezers.

Laser is one of the latest technologies used to address unwanted hair. There are plenty of laser hair removal gadgets out in the market. But to be extra safe, it's best to leave it to the pros. Eternal Skin Care's medi-spa is a safe and great place to have your unwanted hair removed by laser permanently after just a couple of sessions. View our medi-spa website to book your appointment and learn more.

Do you have other hair removal tips and tricks to share that are not on this list yet? Comment below and be a part of the beautiful e-community.

Beyond Basics: Before and After Care
Hair removal care is more than just simply removing it. One has to prepare/condition the skin beforehand and apply growth-inhibiting and skin-soothing products afterwards.

Here are some generally noteworthy tips to consider doing before and after hair removal:

  • Exfoliate days before and after hair removal, so that dead skin cells are removed ahead of time and to prevent ingrown hair.
  • Use soothing and conditioning products before and after hair removal, selecting products based on your preferred removal method. There are lots of products that help prevent or reduce hair regrowth. 
  • Let hair regrow to 1/4 to 3/4 inches long before waxing.
  • Do not apply retinol/retinoid products 2-5 days before waxing, to prevent the risk of your skin being removed with the wax. Make sure to use them weeks in advance and/or long after waxing.

For more details on before and after care tips particularly for laser and wax hair removal methods, check these out:

Need to update your beauty kit now that you've brushed up on your hair removal skills? Check our free Hair Removal Shopping Guide to see other before, during and after-care recommendations.

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