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Cellulite: An Overview

Posted By Edge
Cellulite is not a disease, nor is it contagious. It's also not a sign of poor health or an indication that your body isn't "good enough." Cellulite can be frustrating and difficult to treat, but the first step to overcoming your frustration is understanding what cellulite really is and how you can beat it.

What is cellulite?
Cellulite develops when fat cells push up against connective tissue in the skin, creating dimples on the surface of your skin. The dimples appear at different depths depending on where they are located—for example, if they're closer to the surface of your skin (such as at your hips) then they'll be more visible than if they're deeper under your skin (like in the thigh).

Causes of cellulite
Although experts still don't have a clear understanding of what causes cellulite, they've come up with some theories.

There are several factors that can contribute to the development of cellulite:

  • Fat cells (also called adipocytes)
  • Connective tissue, which includes collagen fibers, elastin, and reticular fibers
  • Glands, such as sweat glands or sebaceous glands
  • Blood vessels and lymphatic vessels

In addition to these physical characteristics of your skin, other factors play a role in how much or little cellulite you have. These include hormones like estrogen and progesterone; age; genetics; pregnancy; menopause; hormone therapy (HRT); liver disease; alcoholism; obesity.

Cellulite prevention

  • Exercise is one of the best ways to prevent cellulite, and it's also one of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Regular exercise can help you lose weight, which can reduce your risk of developing cellulite.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Eating a high-fiber diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you feel full longer and decrease hunger pangs that could lead to overeating later in the day.
  • Lose weight if necessary or desirable. You may need to shed excess pounds in order to achieve optimal health benefits from exercise or even just for aesthetic reasons (in which case getting rid of cellulite might be on your list). Weight loss has been shown to improve blood flow throughout the body, which helps reduce cellulite appearance by reducing tissue inflammation at the cellular level; however, losing too much weight too fast can actually worsen your skin condition as well as cause other health problems such as dehydration or malnutrition—so be cautious about how much weight you want (or need) to lose at any given time!


In conclusion, cellulite is a condition that affects many people, but you can take steps to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your own body.


Source: Dr Dray | Why you have cellulite and how to get rid of it

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