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Cat Eyes Tutorial

Posted By Diane
Have you always wanted to rock the cat-eye look?
Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial to master this sassy look!
Watch below video tutorial:


The main star of this look is the Schwing Liquid Eye Liner from theBalm. 
This liquid liner has a unique thin felt-tip applicator, that smoothly 
glides over the eyelid without a hitch for perfect clean lines.

Trying to create this look may seem hard at first.
So, we made it easier for you with these easy to follow steps:


Now, you've got the mesmerizing cat eyes!

Bonus tips:

- Less is more. Start lining your lids with the lightest strokes. It is 
easier to add then remove liner especially if you have eye shadow on 
your lids!

- Add a few coats of mascara to complete your cat eye look. This phenomenal
long-lasting formula builds up lashes to new levels with its curved wand.

- Practice makes perfect!

theBalm, Schwing Liquid Eye Liner, 1.7ml/0.1 fl oz
theBalm, Mad Lash Mascara, 1 pieces

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