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8 Best Tips for Mature Skin 50+ by Dermatologists

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As we grow and mature, our body inevitably needs more care than usual. Eternal beauty moves and adapts with you all throughout your life milestones, so here we help you look into the signs of aging and various ways to age gracefully with time.

Signs of Aging

Ageing skin will usually have these tendencies that one ought to keep an eye out for in time:

  • Skin is more prone to dryness, wrinkles, blotches & dark spots
  • Less oil & sweat secretion
  • Less clearer skin (skin tags, warts, etc.)
  • Slower repair/healing
  • More prone to skin disorders
  • Eyes tend to change color, get crow's feet, become sunken and have more pronounced eyebags 

8 Best Skincare Tips for Mature Skin

These changes may seem daunting, but there are lifestyle habits that we can adopt to age more gracefully and slow/prevent those signs of aging.

Here are some great and practical skincare advice for mature skin from the American Association of Dermatology:

  1. Don't use bar soap. To reduce chances of skin irritation and dryness, instead use a gentle, creamy, fragrance-free cleanser or emollient.

Cream Wash

  2. Use a gentle, soft cloth to wash your skin. When you hit 60s and up, it's time to avoid using a buff puff or bath brush that can irritate mature skin.  

Cloth In A Box
Face It + Glove It Duo

  3. Moisturize right after a quick shower to combat dryness, as well as address the common signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and blotches. 

Retrinal Cream 0.1%

  4. Use a humidifier when air feels dry. Keeping indoor humidity between 45% and 60% is ideal to reduce dry, itchy skin.

Humidify Deep Moisture Cream

  5. Wear gloves
when doing house chores to protect hands from damage and irritation.

Hand Repairing Gloves - 3 Pairs

  6. Practice proper skin sun care.

Dr Renaud
UV - Science SPF 30 Fluid Lotion

  7. Look for fragrance-free products.

Institut Esthederm
Alcohol Free Calming Lotion

  8. See a dermatologist for a routine check every now and then.

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