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10 ways to zap cellulite

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is a common and harmless skin condition that makes skin look lumpy, dimpled, ruffled or creased. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Every line tells a story of our body's journey.

We are beautiful with or without our cellulite. But if it does concern you and you'd like to prevent/reduce it, there are plenty of healthy lifestyle habits, self-care products and treatment recommendations for you to choose from.

Here are 10 great tips to manage cellulite.

Exercise can make skin look more even by toning muscles & burning excess fat. 

Eat more raw, high-fibre food. Other food high in refined carbohydrates and empty calories that will make you gain excess fat can make cellulite even more visible.

Try cellulite-controlling skincare products, such as this top-selling one on our shelves: the ProDerm Pro-Dermafiline Body Cream.

Stop smoking, since smoking makes the skin thinner and prone to sagging and cellulite formation.

Regularly massage your body where cellulite is showing. It can improve blood flow and circulation, ridding the area of excess fluid.

Patch test and use creams and treatments made with plant extracts such as caffeine that help to firm and tighten skin.

Retinol can also firm up the skin. It might not be a cellulite-centric treatment, but anything to improve your skin's texture is a step towards addressing cellulite's visibility.

A cosmetic solution is to get a tan safely, away from the sun. Cellulite is less visible on darker skin. Also, exposure to UV rays damages skin and exacerbates cellulite, so self-tanning is the way to go.
Try body-shaping support stockings. It can help hide the appearance of cellulite and also prevent excess fluid from being stored in those areas when worn regularly. Ask your doctor what grade of support hose would be right for you. 

Laser or radiofrequency treatments
combine the cellulite and fat-busting elements of heat, massage and suction together in one go.


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