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Skin Care
Winterize Your Beauty Routine
It's the most wonderful time of the year. But this season can also play havoc not onlywith your skin but . . .
DATE Dec 28th , 2017
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Season of Beauty
. . .
DATE Nov 22nd , 2017
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Fresher For November
. . .
DATE Nov 3rd , 2017
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3 Step Hair Guide: Cleanse. Care. Style.
Whatever season you are in, having a proper hair routine is a must to keep your locks healthy and lustrous. Do . . .
DATE Sep 28th , 2017
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Fall Perfection: Turn Over a New Leaf of Beauty
Fall is just around the corner. Get ready to ditch the bright summer hues and fall in love again with warmer . . .
DATE Aug 31st , 2017
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Summer Hair Rescue: Transform Your Locks in 4 Steps
Don't let sun, salt and chlorine ruin your hair care routine this summer. Keep your hair shiny and healthy in . . .
DATE Aug 10th , 2017
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Summer Skincare: Top 4 Ingredients You Need Now
Having a flawless and healthy skin starts with a proper routine but are you aware of the vital ingredients that . . .
DATE Aug 1st , 2017
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Summer Beauty: What's Hot & What's Not?
Summer is time for great adventures and fun! But let's face it, as the days get warmer, our skin tends to be . . .
DATE Jul 20th , 2017
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Summer Shimmer
. . .
DATE Jun 24th , 2017
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Eternal Skincare is Vancouver's diamond standard in skincare and beauty's best — an incredible selection of high-tech, hands-on aesthetic and medi-spa services, paired with specialty, niche, and amazingly effective beauty brands! Read More >

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