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Skin Care
Body Care Trend: Sea Kelp Uses & Bath Benefits
What is Sea Kelp? Sea Kelp or a marine algae is a type of seaweed that has been eaten or used in medication for . . .
DATE Mar 6th , 2017
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What to Do With Your Hair Struggles
Ideally, we would all love to have our hair professionally treated and maintained in a salon. But realistically, . . .
DATE Feb 28th , 2017
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Travel Beauty Tricks: Staying Fresh While Flying
Embarking on a long journey can be incredibly exciting and fun, but long-haul flights may leave you stressed and . . .
DATE Feb 23rd , 2017
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SkinCare Alert: Skin Thinning
As we age, our bodies will go through changes including our skin. As the skin begins to thin, it loses its protective . . .
DATE Feb 17th , 2017
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Night Sleeping Masks
Whether you worked long hours or have been partying all night, ending the night right gives you a fresh start . . .
DATE Feb 8th , 2017
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Best Antioxidants for the Skin
In this generation, adults tend to be outgoing without considering the harmful effects of pollution to their general . . .
DATE Feb 6th , 2017
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Cat Eyes Tutorial
Have you always wanted to rock the cat-eye look?Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial to master this sassy look!Watch . . .
DATE Jan 31st , 2017
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Skin Care Routine for Spring
As we bid goodbye to cold months of winter and welcome the warm breeze of Spring, our skincare routine calls for . . .
DATE Jan 25th , 2017
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DIY Facials
The use of facial mask has become popular among women for it can give the skin a quick boost. What makes it even . . .
DATE Jan 17th , 2017
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